Key takeaways:

– Check in with your Rotary Foundation Grants Officer before finalizing your global grant application.  Otherwise, you will get a list of questions from them after you submit your grant.   The grant advisors is by Host Club District, and can be found at:
– Be sure to conduct a Community Assessment before submitting a Global Grant Application.  The Community Assessment Results form ( will need to be part of your grant application and is a good guide to what you need to do.
– Visalia Breakfast Club – James Preston – is looking for international projects to contribute to – send him information and set up a presentation to his club.
Grant Participation Opportunities:  
– Houry Sanderson, North Fresno Club, is willing to make a presentation to clubs on their St. Francis Orphanage education project in South Africa.  It has been submitted and the Rotary Foundation grants advisor is meeting with them to provide ideas to develop a project that is eligible.
– Brenda Rivas, Salinas Steinbeck Rotary, is willing to make a presentation to clubs on their El Salvador Water Project.  It has been submitted to the Rotary Foundation and the grants advisor has sent questions that they are in the process of answering. The grant expects to receive approval soon, but needs another $5,000 from D5230 clubs.

Global Grant updates:

1.  The San Miguel Allende compost toilets project is nearing approval.  The Rotary Foundation grants advisor has sent questions and they are in the process of answering them.
2.  The Njicha Water Project in Tanzania is busy answering questions from the District Grants Subcommittee Chair prior to getting their approval. Note that if you have a project in District 9211 (Uganda/Tanzania) they have had prior difficulties in complying with Rotary Global Grant criteria and so they have an internal District process designed to show their diligence (but it feels like a secondary approval process).  The Njicha team will be setting up a check-in meeting to review the status of answering the District’s 20 questions.
3.  Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea has proposed a Global Grant in our District 5230 to start a new vocational training program for at risk youth to learn to repair and restore classic automobiles.  They are working with Rancho Cielo and are in the process of setting up a meeting with their Rotary Grants Officer to discuss how to best structure the grant.
4.  Mark G is still collecting global grant summaries and will check with our District website coordinator Peter Fortuna to post them on the grants page. If you want the form needed to post your grant on the District webpage, email Mark.