Speaker Resources

It’s not always easy to come up with ideas week after week! If you need a speaker, listed below are some who have already presented at at least one club in our district. The best part is that each speaker comes with a recommendation from one of our clubs, and has already indicated a willingness to present to other clubs.

Add to the list! If you have enjoyed a presentation from someone who was spoken to your club, please share that information with us so that we can include that speaker here. Be sure to indicate whether or not that speaker has given their consent to present to additional clubs. Please include the:

  • Name and title of the speaker
  • Speaker contact information
  • Organization that the speaker represents
  • Subject of the topic
  • Is the speaker willing to present to other clubs?

If your club has had an interesting speaker that would be available to speak to other clubs in our district, please send us the details so we can post it here.

Rotary Speakers

  District The Rotary Foundation All Contact
  District PolioPlus All Contact
  District Global Grants All Contact
  Zone & District The Rotary Foundation All Contact
  District Membership Development All Contact
  Zone & District New Club Development All Contact
  District Public Image All Contact
  Zone & District Social Media All Contact
  Zone Public Image Online Only Contact
  District Youth Programs All Contact
  District Youth Exchange Program All Contact
  District Interact All Contact
  District Rotaract All Contact
  District RYLA All Contact
  Zone Rotary and TRF Online Only Contact

General Topic Speakers

Local Representative ShelterBox Enabling recovery after Disaster All Contact
Local Representative Disaster Aid USA Rebuilding communities, together All Contact
Health Commissioner County Health Department Staying healthy Local Contact
Janet Mowrer HealthWins with Jana Nutrition, Health and Well-Being Discussions All Contact
Dr. Mary Berge Psychologist/Rotarian How to stay sane as COVID-19 continues On-Line Contact
Phil Sorentino Humor Consultants Fun On-Line Contact
Elizabeth Jonasson Westlands Water District Central Valley Water and Irrigation west side of the Central Valley Contact
Debra Rush Breaking the Chains Human Trafficking All Contact
John C Scherer RC of Monterey History of the Four Way Test All Contact
Kathi Morris   Author of “We Were the Morris Orphans” All Contact
Justin Alnas National Alliance on Mental Illness Mental Health and Wellness All Contact