Global Grants

Rotary Foundation Global Grants support larger, international projects with sustainable, measurable, high-impact out¬comes in one of seven areas of focus that correspond to the Foundation’s mission.

  • Peace and conflict resolution/prevention
  • Disease prevention/treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Education and basic literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Supporting the Environment

Clubs and districts can either create their own Global Grant Projects in the areas of focus or sponsor Packaged Global Grants developed by The Rotary Foundation in co¬operation with its strategic partners.

Global grants that are developed by clubs and districts will receive a match from the Foundation’s World Fund. These grants can also be used to sponsor scholars or vocational training teams. Districts may not sponsor global grant projects with non-Qualified districts and with non-Qualified clubs. Global Grants have a minimum World Fund award of US$15,000 and maximum of US$200,000,

The “packaged” global grants will include strategic partnerships with organizations that have expertise in the 7 areas of focus. For example, a packaged grant project to provide several neighboring villages with access to clean water might be developed by The Rotary Foundation in conjunction with a nongovernmental organization that addresses clean water issues, which would provide technical expertise or financial support.

Global Grants In Process