District Governor

Debbie Hale
Debbie Hale

Debbie is a member of the Rotary Club of Salinas Steinbeck, and is serving as our District Governor for the Rotary year 2023-2024.


District Governor’s Column:  Building Connections with Rotary Fellowship(s)

Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?  Success in Rotary, as in life, is about developing relationships.  Fellowship is the heart of Rotary:  building connections with those who share our desire to help others in the community.  My favorite part of being District Governor has been the fellowship I have experienced at your clubs.  I’ve truly enjoyed meeting Rotarians and seeing you in action!

Rotary has a formal way it helps us to expand our connections:  Rotary Fellowships.  Fellowships are groups of Rotarians who get together to have fun sharing a common interest.  For instance, did you know that there is a fellowship of beer-drinking Rotarians?  As a member of a club whose fundraisers always seem to involve pouring beer, it was only natural that I was drawn to the Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide (BREW) Fellowship.  At Rotary International Conventions, the BREW Fellowship has held river cruises and brewery tours, and (in the good old days) a beer tasting booth in the House of Friendship.  Through the BREW Fellowship, I have socialized with Rotarians from Ghana, Australia, the UK and the US.  We have also exchanged ideas on clean water projects, because the fellowship often partners with the Water and Sanitary Health Rotary Action Group – water being the primary ingredient in beer.

Intrigued?  Check out the list of Rotary Fellowships online.  Or if you’d prefer to meet Rotarians who share a common interest in a certain cause, such as clean water, you can join a Rotary Action Group – see the list here.  Our Past District Governor Yavuz Atila is a leader in the Environment and Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG).  Our District Anti-Human Trafficking Ambassador Annette Yee Steck decided to champion the cause in our District after she talked with members of the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery in Melbourne.

From the District Conference to service projects, to fundraisers and club visits, I’ve had a year of warm welcomes and fond Rotary fellowship as your District Governor.  Thank you for inspiring me with all you do to Create Hope in the World.  In July, join me in welcoming a magical new Rotary year, led by our enthusiastic District Governor Mike Rabara.

Cheers to a most enjoyable Rotary year!




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