The District has received a number of questions about conducting Electronic Meetings while we are all going through this current health crisis.  We had planned to put out a How-To set of instructions however from what we’ve seen, most clubs are already doing some sort of Electronic Meetings, not only for their regular weekly meetings but for their board meetings and committee meetings as well.

If, however, your club is not holding electronic meetings, and you would like to, we can probably help.  Just contact the District Communications Committee and we will be happy to get you started.  Right now our clubs are either recording their meeting and then posting it on YouTube or Dropbox or they are Live-Streaming using one of the popular platforms like Zoom, Go-to-Meeting or Facebook Live Streaming.  Whichever way you choose to go, if you’ve got questions, we can help.

Also, an Electronic Meeting doesn’t have to be fancy… or long.  In fact, most are simply the president sitting in front of his or her cell phone with news about what the club is doing… or isn’t doing.  On the other hand, you can do what Tom Hornburn of the Visalia County Center club did and conduct a full meeting with lots of whistles and bells.

This was pre-recorded, not Live-Streamed.  This video is available on Dropbox.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Dippel
District Communications Committee Chair