Donating for Results

Rotary Means Business with your donations.  Each donation supports sustainable and cost-effective solutions for local and global communities.  

Rotary 5230's members are a business owners and community leaders who are experts that use their vocation in community service. 

Your donations support Rotary 5230's portfolio of projects and programs for researched-need based solutions for our communities.  Rotary 5230 provides leadership, organizational structure, and strategic planning to meet these needs and produce measurable results.

Your donations support funding for such outcomes and Rotary International's mission.

Rotary Means Business

Rotary 5230 takes care of your donated funds by:

  1. researching and evaluating the needs of local or global communities with member expertise;
  2. gathering information for stakeholder needs
  3. creating relationships with stakeholders and our businesses, educational organizations, and industry groups
  4. producing agile project and communication plan
  5. support plan through Rotary member vocational, professional, educational, and volunteering expertise
  6. transfer knowledge and education to stakeholders to maintain
  7. hand-off project

Rotary Funds

For more information on Rotary Funds

Rotary 5230 Recognition Points

Donations to the Annual SHARE fund, Polio Plus, Global Grants, the World Fund and the Disaster Response fund, are eligible for Paul Harris Foundation recognition points. 

Annual SHARE Fund

When you donate to Rotary 5230 you are supporting programs like the Annual SHARE fund.  50% of SHARE funds are returned to Rotary 5230 then receives roughly back over a 3-year span. These funds then take the form of District Designated Funds (DDFs).  These DDFs that are generated by your donations support District Grants (half) and other global causes (half).

Rotary 5230’s District Designated Funds

In Rotary Year 2019, the Rotary 5230 received $143,279.30 in DDFs from the Annual SHARE fund.

Global Grants

Rotary 5230 Global Grants support sustainable projects that are in alignment with Rotary International's overall goals and mission. 

Rotary 5230 members and clubs are encouraged to support for approval their Rotary Projects. 

Grant Notes

Rotary 5230 Global Grants are capped at $25,000 per grant.