Greeting Fellow Rotarians:

Camp ROYAL has been a vital youth program provided by District 5230 for years. The Camp has been your effective use of time and money to positively impact leadership skills of our youth.
Last year, we were excited as we prepared for our 50th Camp ROYAL at Sequoia Lake, which is an awesome milestone. Unfortunately, the pandemic canceled everything. As this continues, we watch from week to week, to adapt for a possible Camp ROYAL in 2021. As of today, these limitations are many.

Presently, it is unlikely we can offer a Camp ROYAL at Sequoia Lake during June of 2021.

As the breaking news of new vaccines unfold, I am optimistic to return to Sequoia Lake for June 2022. If so, it will be done safely and within the health guidelines required.

So, what to do about June 2021? Could we create a different RYLA event in the interim? Yes. We are developing a social distance option.

This option, I will coin a “Digital RYLA”. In short, we offer our selected High School Juniors a challenging online conference focusing on leadership skills and ethical challenges. We are sorting out the logistics to create something worthwhile. As this possibility materializes, I will share its progress in the coming months. Look for updates in January and February.

In the meantime, we will monitor the pandemic and adapt.

Thank for your continued support of Camp ROYAL,
Bruce Kleckner
Camp ROYAL District Chair